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The first proper release from DØDNING. Finally the band's unique mix of southern Rock, Hardcore and metal was captured on tape!


released January 23, 2009

All songs written by: DØDNING
Produced by: SNAKE
Mixed and mastered by: J.B.

Recorded at Snake´s corner in the autumn of 2008.



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Track Name: Tonight We Ride
Tonight We Ride

I saw redemption, for the wounds i create – behind the tainted glas of sin

I create salvation for my dying sins – we are the filthy and the few

This Dying Light

Will Fade Away x 2

I´ll be better then me, with every poison i drink – Send out the dogs, It´s time to play

So we are victory, we are defeat – theese are the last days of the weak.

This Dying Light

Will Fade Away x 2

To ride into the night, we ride into the light, to ride into the night – Tonight we ride!

There´s no way home

Fade away,
When I run – no way home
Track Name: So Many Drugs, So Little Time
Track Name: Cut Throat City
Cut Throat City

Cuthought City Tonight !!

We are the kill!

The pavement scream, the words of pain: couse we are the punch inside the blow
They light the way, the darker days, we are the storm inside the calm

I see waves of isolation, broken is this civilization, we are the punch, we are the blow and we will die in Cutthroat city tonight

we are the kill!

And it comes to me, in missery, but alle I hear is the words of fools.
And it comes to me in prophecies, but all I hear is the words of fools

And it´s killing me, and it´s haunting me, but this is the beat of cut throght city

And it´s killing me, and it´s haunting me, but this is the beat of cut throght city

We Built This City - We Built This City on Blood!

Mikkel & Akse:I see a red moon rise

No one gets out alive alive x 3